Nitrile Black Premium PowderFree LARGE - Box of 100 -TGC

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Nitrile Black Premium PowderFree LARGE - Box of 100 -TGC
The Glove Company® revolutionised the hand safety PPE market in Australia and NZ, creating the original Black Nitrile
Disposable Glove, an industry first.

Our unique formulation set the new standard in Nitrile glove performance and is still the strongest, toughest and most chemically resistant glove material technology available on the market.

Our TGC® Black Nitrile gloves legendary extreme strength and resistant black colouring enabled the transformation of the Automotive industry.

TGC® Black Nitrile disposable gloves are our most advanced safety disposable gloves. Our TGC® Black Nitrile disposable gloves are the only black disposable glove certified for NATO use by the defence forces.

Our TGC® Black Nitrile Gloves are enhanced with the latest natural low sw)
eat technology, giving you complete piece of mind when it comes to your hand care.

So if your hands are important to you and you want the best protection, then you’ve just found the perfect glove!

Box of 100 LARGE gloves.
NZ$ 35.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 40.25 including GST
TGC 160003 Indiv
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