Progenics Nitrile P/F Blue Gloves Small - UniPak

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Progenics Nitrile P/F Blue Gloves Small - UniPak
Using the Bastion Progenics glove dispenser and a special sized box, the Nitrile gloves can be dispensed cuff first. Dispensing the glove cuff first helps to reduce the contamination normally caused by the traditional glove dispensing methods. This dispensing method is an effective infection control solution for use where hygiene is critical.

Gloves are dispensed individually cuff first from the bottom of the box
Gloves within the box, and the box itself, are not touched whilst removing gloves
Reduced cross contamination of removed but unused gloves, as gloves cannot be put back into the box
Save time with fast and easy dispensing, reducing waiting time for any customers or patients
Wastage is minimised as gloves are dispensed individually

Sizes (mm unless shown different):
Small: 8cmW
Medium: 9cmW
Large: 10cmW
X-Large: 11cmW
NZ$ 454.40 excluding GST
NZ$ 522.56 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 2000
UP 100/631
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