Leather Man Gloves LARGE - Komodo

Leather Man Gloves LARGE - Komodo
KOMODO® Leather Man Gloves.

The Glove Company’s KOMODO® Leather Man has all our KOMODO® Man’s classic qualities such as agility, strength and durability, AND has the extra benefit of being crafted from the finest quality leather. Creating a fusion of both strength and softness, which is exactly what makes him our KOMODO® Leather Man.

Our KOMODO® Leather Man offers the best of both worlds in one glove. Enhanced with the finest tactile goat skin leather, which is renowned for strength and comfort, in combination with the latest advances in fabric technology. Our KOMODO® Leather Man Gloves offer the user leading edge strength, comfort and impact absorbing protection. KOMODO® Leather Man is the perfect leather work glove.

The Glove Company’s KOMODO® Leather Man is suitable for a large range of tough applications.

12 pairs


Small - TGC 634801
Medium - TGC 634802
Large - TGC 634803
XLarge - TGC 634804
XXL - TGC 634805


Suitable for various industries:

  • Automotive - Paint/Panel, Mechanical Workshops, Detailing, Engine & Transmissions, Diesel Mechanics, 
    Tyre Fitting
  • Aviation and Defence
  • Oils, Lubricants, Fuel Handling, Hydraulic Repairs & Maintenance
  • Commercial / Domestic cleaning and hygiene
  • Material Handling, Steel and Metal Manufacturing, Construction and Painting
  • DIY and Home Maintenance
  • Hospitality and Food Manufacturing, Dairy
  • Bio-Security, Laboratories
  • Gardening, Agriculture, Farming
  • Manufacturing


  • Crafted from supple goat skin leather and advanced fabrics for strength and comfort
  • Double sewn for longevity and extended performance
  • Increased grabbing, clenching, lifting, holding and carrying strength
  • Natural full-fisted gripping abilities that only high quality goatskin leather can deliver
  • 4-way easy-flex spandex used for the best wrist and finger movement
  • Felt lined for further comfort and support during use
  • Comforting Neoprene knuckle bump and scratch protection
  • Low hand-clenching fatigue
  • Colour:  Black/White

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NZ$ 318.78 including GST
12 pairs
TGC 634803
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