SHARPSMASTER II' Needle Resistant Latex Glove MEDIUM - Esko

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SHARPSMASTER II' Needle Resistant Latex Glove MEDIUM - Esko
Hexarmor Sharpsmaster II needlestick resistant glove

Don't get stuck with faulty hand protection. Tested using actual 25-gauge needles, the HexArmor Sharpmaster II protects against blade cuts and punctures from a range of hazards, especially hypodermic needles.
- Highest needlestick resistance available provided by the layering of SuperFabric' brand material
- Tested using actual 25-gauge needles against ANSI/ISEA 105 standard
- Highest level of cut resistance on noted enhanced areas, ANSI/ISEA level A9 and CE level 5
- Single-glove needle solution with incredible dexterity and comfort
- Wrinkle rubber palm coating with Actifresh' anti-microbial treatment

- Police, forensic, decontamination
- Airport and general security
- Hospital waste and laundry handling
- Prisons and remand centres
- Emergency services and first responders
- Medical laboratories
- Refuse collection, waste management, recycling

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