Nitrile Gloves PowderFree Microlite Plus X-LARGE

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Nitrile Gloves  PowderFree Microlite Plus X-LARGE
Microlite Plus Disposable Gloves

Microlite Premium Nitrile Food Gloves. A unique solution to health and safety problems facing the food and beverage industry. Easy on gloves, wet or dry!

Technology You Can Feel

The easiest gloves to put on ever, thanks to revolutionary new technology.

Perfect for damp, wet or sweaty hands.

All the same amazing features as Microlite®, PLUS even more.

Microlite® PLUS features the latest glove film treatment technology, EASY ON.

Whether you have Dry hands, Hot Hands, Damp Hands, Sweaty Hands or Wet Hands, it won’t matter anymore! Because with EASY ON Technology the glove is easy to put on, no matter what.

Microlite® PLUS is FULLY TEXTURED from finger tips to cuff, giving you a super lightweight easy donning fully textured glove.

The soft nitrile material is gentle on the skin minimizing the risk of allergic reaction and ensuring donning the gloves is easy and smooth without tearing.

Microlite® PLUS Disposable Gloves are Food Safe with FDA approval and they are HACCP Food Safety Certified.

Microlite® PLUS Key Benefits
Brand New Technology - The only glove with EASY ON Technology.
Unrivialled Comfort - Soft textured outer, silky inner, the glove just slides on.
Ultimate Efficiency - Saves the end user time, saves the purchaser money.
Value Packed Boxes - 250 disposable gloves per box.
How Does Easy On Work?
Microlite PLUS Gloves feature revolutionary new technology that draws the sweat and moisture away from your hands, allowing the glove to simply glide

When wearing Microlite PLUS Gloves you can physically feel the EASY ON difference.

EASY ON Technology enables your hand to maintain its optimal pH level, creating an easy comfortable experience for the user.

In a world where time is money. The Glove Company saw the need for a disposable glove that works with the wearer. Gloves that are easy to put on and easy to take off no matter what.

Carton 10x100 gloves (1000)


Sizes available:
Small - TGC 230111
Medium - TGC 230112
Large - TGC 230113
XL - TGC 230114


  • Perfect for Busy Hospitality Environments. 
  • Food Manufacturing Processes. 
  • Food Safety Procedures.
  • Waste Management.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Production.
  • Safe Food and Beverage handling in sensitive environments such as Child Care, Hospitals and Medical Facilities.


• 100% Nitrile
• Fully Textured
• High quality nitrile for less than irritable latex.
• Food Safe with FDA approval & HACCP (International food safety certification)
• Extremely Fine Dexterity.
• Latex Free, Vinyl Free, Powder Free, MBT Free.

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NZ$ 177.10 including GST
Carton 10x100
TGC 230114
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