The Esko Rigger', Premium Cow Grain Palm with Suede Back Medium- Esko

Leather Rigger Glove Premium Split MEDIUM - Esko The Rigger
Splitback Cowgrain Rigger Glove, ƒƒSizes: M – 2XL.

ESKO 'THE RIGGER' Natural Split Back Cowhide 'A' Grade Riggers Glove

-Premium split back cowhide riggers glove.
-Asked for by name throughout New Zealand.
-Soft, durable and dexterous leather.
Medium - ES E275-M
Large - ES E275-L
XL - ES E275-XL
2XL - ES E275-2XL

Pack quantity 12.
NZ$ 69.25 excluding GST
NZ$ 79.64 including GST
Pack 12
ES E275-M
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