Powerform S6 Nitrile Gloves Industrial Black Biodegradable MEDIUM Pack 100 - SW

Powerform S6 Nitrile Gloves Industrial Black Biodegradable MEDIUM Pack 100 - SW
Nitrile Industrial Gloves. Pack 100.

The POWERFORM (STELLAR) S6 nitrile industrial glove was designed as the go-to solution for 6 mil hand protection. Featuring a design that ensures the fingers and palm are the right mix of durability and sensitivity for fine detail work and dependable durability, SW’s MilTek production process allows not only strong, high-dexterity performance but also ensures a tear-resistant cuff that makes donning and doffing a breeze.

Recognizing that environments are sensitive to chemicals sometimes left behind in the manufacturing of lesser gloves, SW has developed TouchTek which provides cleaner gloves and minimizes contaminates that can compromise work or add extra steps to preparation.

The POWERFORM (STELLAR) S6 is Dermatologically Approved by the Skin Health Alliance and has met stringent standards that ensure skin safety.
TouchTek™ On the outside, TouchTek technology reduces the contamination of sensitive materials and workspaces.

On the inside, TouchTek reduces the chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, leading to irritation or painful reactions.

MilTek™ A technology that delivers a more consistent thickness across the entire glove, minimizing the differences from finger to
palm and from palm to cuff.

EcoTek™ Long term landfill biodegradation testing according to ATSM D5526-12 reported 95.6% biodegradation of gloves with EcoTek™ in only 945 days.
• 7.4% is broken down as organic matter/material that are non-toxic to the environment. When testing a product for biodegradation, the test method measures the conversion of material to gas (CO²), once the conversion plateaus the material has been considered to “fully biodegraded”
The remaining portion of the glove that did not biodegrade is already the organic material that is non-toxic.


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