Glovlets Cotton Glove Liner MEDIUM

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Glovlets Cotton Glove Liner MEDIUM
Glovlets are designed for people who care about their hands.

Glovlets are particularly beneficial for disposable glove users, as they create a comfortable fresh hygienic environment that stops any irritation caused by frequent use of gloves.

Glovlets are a fingerless, re-usable natural cotton liner glove. Their fingerless nature allows you to maintain a strong textured grip. The Glove Company’s Glovlets feature the latest moisture wicking technology to help keep your hands feeling fresh and natural. Say goodbye to sweaty hands. Glovlet Cotton Glove Liners help prevent and stop your hands from excessive sweating.

The Glove Company’s Glovlets provide our users many benefits most importantly, they keep your skin fresh and can prevent dermatitis. Glovlets also act as an extra layer of hygiene protection at public gyms and sports recreation centres.

Any frequent glove user would know damp-donning and re-donning is a problem that our Glovlets were designed to solve.

10 pairs per bag


Sizes available:
Medium - TGC 681812
Large - TGC 681813


Suitable for various industries:

  • Great for Gyms, Sports and Boxing
  • Factory & Process workers
  • Mechanics
  • Food preparation & Manufacturing industries
  • Electronics & Assembly industries


  • Glovlets are the perfect solution for sweaty hands.  
  • A noticeably soft material that creates a natural breathable barrier between your hand and your outer glove.
  • Natural cotton nylon blend
  • Washable and Re-usable, 
  • Colour:  Off whit
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NZ$ 12.08 including GST
10 pairs
TGC 681812 indiv
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