Nitrile Powder Free Gloves Small - Pacific Disposables

Nitrile Powder Free Gloves Small - Pacific Disposables
Nitrile Gloves
Our Blue Nitrile gloves are produced from synthetic rubber (Nitrile is short for acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber), which is generally resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, grease, fuel, many acids, and other solvents. These blue gloves are suitable for use in the medical examinations and procedures, laboratory practices and automotive industry. Additionally, nitrile gloves conform to hands as they are warmed by body heat. This attribute offers excellent dexterity, which is particularly important for medical professionals or persons working with small parts or tools.

Carton 10 boxes of 100

1. Beaded cuff for easy donning

2. Durability

3. Textured for good gripping

4. Excellent barrier protection providing more puncture resistance than other synthetic gloves such as vinyl gloves, and three times more so than latex

5. Most suitable for users sensitive to latex protein

6. Superior resistance to blood contamination

7. Increased resistance to chemicals, oil, fuel, and other solvents over latex

8. Comes in BLUE to help identify if the glove has been punctured

9. Are good for wearing an extended amount of time

10. Nitrile conforms to the shape of your hand, providing a snug and comfortable fit

11. A lower resistance to friction makes nitrile gloves, easier to put on and take off

12. Nitrile gloves can be worn under other work gloves to make them water-proof

NZ$ 87.75 excluding GST
NZ$ 100.91 including GST
Carton 10x100
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